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About Sappractices :

Headquarted in phoenix Arizona, USA,and its Marketing presence at Chennai, India.Sappractices was founded with a

vision in providing simplified Solutions for complex Global Business SAP training requirements. We are a Global “Next

Generation” SAP corporate Training,Support and Consulting,Company working to Define, Design and Deliver world

class SAP technology training enabled business solutions.Sappractices provides comprehensive solutions which can

satisfy all the corporate training needs.

Why we are unique?

Sappractices offers customized SAP training based on changing demands of SAP industry.Our SAP Certified experts are

real time working professionals having multiple domain implementation experience.They have worked on almost all the

verticals and add on technologies.They have an experience in handling the critical issues.Our Training model not only

focus on key technologies,it also brings the knowledge feeding on other related technologies,based on the job market.

Sappractices registered freelance SAP Consultants-Globally

USA : 15750
UK : 21000
Canada: 5000
India : 1,00000
Middle East : 15,000


1.SAP Corporate Training
2.SAP Training For Individuals
3.SAP Support (Administration(Basis),Technical,Functional, and End User)

SAP SD Course Objectives Total Hours – 50hrs

# This Course will give you broad overview of Sales and Distribution Module.
# Learn to perform the most important task in Sales
# This course divided into Sales Prices(Master Data),Sales Order,Delivery(Shipping),Quotation,Contract and Report

SAP SD Implementation Configuration Points

* Enterprise Structure - Define Company, Company Code, Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales

Area, Sales Group, Plant, Storage Location, Shipping Point
* Enterprise Structure – Assign Company code to Company, Sales Organization to Company Code, Distribution

Channel to Sales Organization, Division to Sales Organization, Plant to Company Code
* Master Data - Define Account Group, Number Range, Assign Number range to Customer Account Groups, Define

Regions, Define Sales District, Price Group, Price List, Shipping Conditions and etc…

SAP SD Course Content

1. Introduction to SAP Sales and Distribution

* Enterprise structure Creation
* Assigning Organization Units for an Enterprise Structure
* The customer Master Data
* The Material Master Data
* Physical Inventory Posting
* Setup Financial Global Settings
* Customer Material Information Records
* Common Distribution Channel and Common divisions

2. Sales Documents:

* Basic sales Order Cycle
* Sales Document types
* Item Categories, Item Category determination
* Schedule Line Categories, Schedule line Categories Determination
* Number Ranges
* Creating a standard sales Order
* Material Requirement Planning and transfer of Requirements
* Availability Check
* Inquiry sales Document
* Quotation
* Free – of – Charges Items
* Cash Sales Process
* Rush Order Process
* Credit Process and Debit Process
* Return Process
* Free of Charge Subsequent Deliveries
* Invoice Correction Request
* Item Proposals
* Bill of Material (BOM)
* Contracts in SAP SD
* Consignment Process
* Consignments fill up
* Consignment Pick up
* Consignment Issue
* Consignment Return

3. Deliveries:

* Delivery Document type
* Delivery Item Categories and Determination
* Storage Location Determination
* Shipping Point Determination
* Route Determination
* Delivery Process
* Number Ranges
* Creating Delivery Order
* Picking
* Packing
* Returnable Packaging
* Posting Goods Issue

4. Invoice and Billing Process:

* Billing Document types
* Creating Invoice Order
* Cancellation of Invoice
* Invoice Lists
* Billing Plan

5. Basic Functions:

* Conditions Techniques
* Pricing
* Pricing Procedure Determination
* Condition Exclusion Groups
* Condition Supplements
* Tax Determination
* Account Determination
* Material Determination
* Listing / Exclusion list
* Partner Determination
* Text Determination
* Output Determination
* Sales In completion Logs
* Credit Management

6. Special topics:

* Creating Customer accounting groups
* Copy Controls
* Rebate Agreements
* Intercompany Sales Process
* Third Party Sales Process
* Individual Purchase Order
* Make-to-Order Production-Using the Sales Order (MTO)
* User Defined Transaction Codes
* SD Variant Configuration
* User Exits

Feel free to contact us for Corporate Trainings and Training for individuals.

Contact us:

Email :
skype : sappractices
Web :
Phone : +91 9710018997


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