SAP HANA BW7.31 BI4.1 ABAP BPC10 Ides Ehp6 of ECC6.0 Server

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SAP HANA BW7.31 BI4.1 ABAP BPC10 Ides Ehp6 of ECC6.0 Server

Post  raul304 on Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:31 pm


I am an experienced SAP BW/BI/HANA project lead with lots of real preject experience and can provide you SAP hana server in VMware, so you can practise anytime you want.

Meanwhile I also proivde BW7.3, BI4.0, BW7.01, Ides Ehp4 of ECC6.0, Ehp6 of ECC6.0, BPC10.0 for NW7.3 servers  in VMware and related training, you can choose different combinations for your need.
Check below videos on Youtube or search BWBO777 on Youtube to see more videoes:

1. Tutorial of SAP BPC10 and BW 7.3 in VMware on laptop

2. How to import metadata from SAP ERP to HANA

3.Tutorial of SAP HANA in VMware on laptop

4. Tutorial of SAP LT Replication server to HANA 1.0 SP6 in VMware

5. Tutorial of SAP BI4 with HANA

6. Tutorial of SAP BI4 connect to BW7 31 with SSO

7. How to load actual data from SAP BW 7.31 to BPC 10 for NW

8. Demo of SAP Netweaver BW7.4 access HANA views from ABAP

9. Demo of SAP BW7.3 powered by HANA in VMware on laptop

Please contact me if you're interested via:


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