Are you looking to break in to SAP ?

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Are you looking to break in to SAP ? Empty Are you looking to break in to SAP ?

Post  wilma33 on Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:09 am

Are you trying to find an ideal module which has good demand and has significant potential for growth?

SAP APO / SCM is the answer

Yes . Research suggests that Supply chain is a very hot field which has real scarcity of professionals.

See what Fortune magazine has to say

Is it easy to learn?



Because it is intuitive.

How do you check if I am interested in Supply chain?

Have you ever wondered how many unique items are tehre in walmart. More than few lakhs. Surprised Interested to know how they get them (source them) and distribute them.

Then you might be interested in Supply chain

Do you give training?


How can you say that your training is better than any one else in the market?

Because we spend significant amount of time and provide you the most easy ways to understand complex concepts of supply chain

How can you do that?

Because we take help from Graduates of premier institutes in Supply chain all around US , experienced SAP professionals to help clear your doubts easily

Why is this ad not like a typical consultancy ad?

Because we are not a typical consultancy. This is run by SAP professionals working in SAP SCM/APO and have high experience

Do you provide stipend while training?

Yes we do consider if we feel that you are really interested and strive to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job

Which background is suitable to get in to APO?

As I mentioned earlier any background is OK but if you have mechanical/industrial engineering degrees it will be easy

what are the rates in the market?

You can earn from $60k to $125k per annum

How are you able to give the consultant a higher percentage?

Because we area low maintenance , no nonsense company who dont need flashy buildings to drag interested grads

I have experience in another SAP module but wanted to shift to something which pays well?

Yes APO is the answer , all other fields have loads of consultants which is bringing the market value down , simply supply and demand concept

How do I decide if a company can help me in my SAP APO career ?

Just speak to one who answers the phone regarding supply chain and APO if they are knowledgeable and can answer your questions you are in right hands.It need not be me.But unfortunately most companies which advertise dont even know what is SCM

Do you help in interviews?

Yes we do. We will make sure that you clear the interviews at any cost !!

Do you help after we are placed in Job?

Yes . We make sure that you do well in your job

I will apply in Dice . Why do I need your help?

Only 40% of Jobs are advertised We get to know about the requirements from our friends/colleagues who are working as project managers . Applying through dice and applying through a referral is totally different

I am not convinced , can you give me more examples?
No problem, Call me or email me

I am too busy in my job right now ? I will switch to APO at the right time
Sorry Sir, There is never a RIGHT time , give us a chance.


Anand , Sr SAP Consultant
Norcross - GA
Ph: 678 274 9203

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